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Mummy and Daughters with Autumn Leaves

Capturing special memories for families with Spring blossoms or Autumn leaves in Canberra is one of my favourite things to do. It’s also the most popular time of the year for Canberra families to have their photos taken. We are very lucky to have such a beautiful city to live in. 

Nadia took the opportunity to have some photos taken with her precious girls right as the autumn leaves were perfectly golden. 

Here’s what she had to say about her session: 

“I wanted to have a session with Little Grasshopper Photography because I love photos. I’ve lost a few memory cards and phones in my time so I love getting prints and try to get professional shots done annually as they really grow too fast. My favourite moments with my girls are the ones when they tell me they love me or give me a kiss or cuddle totally out of nowhere. I was nervous they would hate the shoot but Stephanie did so well with engaging them and they actually had a lot of fun.

My favourite part of the experience was seeing my girls so happy and engaged in the games we played, Chinese Whispers was the best! I’d recommend Little Grasshopper Photography because of the quality of the images, and  the shoot was fun. I cannot believe how many good quality images have come out of the session. The photos are just divine and I cannot wait to hang them on our walls.

I love having photos on the walls and am super excited not only to add some more but to have the kid-proof book on my coffee table. My girls love looking through old photos and they will love having a book to look through, and they will remember the fun day we had.

If I could give some advice to anyone preparing for a session it would be to have fun! The emotion shows so nicely when you’re playing and enjoying each other. And maybe don’t wear white bottoms lol!”



If you are thinking about booking a session in Autumn get in touch sooner rather than later or you may miss out! 

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