COVID19 Safe Plan

COVID-19 – Your Safety First

COVID-19 Safe Plan

Completed by: Stephanie Hogg

Business Name: Little Grasshopper Photography

Date reviewed: 11 May 2022

COVID-19 – Your Safety First

In these uncertain times, we understand that you may have concerns surrounding the health of yourself and your loved ones, and might have questions about what we’re doing to protect ourselves from the lingering threat of COVID-19.

We have used the last year to improve our systems to ensure we are 100% COVID-19 compliant. These have been successfully used during recent bookings and we will continue to use these processes while also monitoring Government guidelines as well as the constantly evolving ACT Health advice.

  1. Physical Distancing

In line with current guidelines, we will at all times ensure there are no more than the maximum allowed number of people allowed in the studio as determined by the size of the space. This extends to our team, who are spaced out across the studio.

Where possible, we will ensure physical distancing is practised during your session. To assist with this, we request that only immediate family members do attend (unless your session is an extended family session).

To minimise contact, we have contactless payment as our preferred payment method – including online bank transfer, online card payment, or using our in-studio Eftpos facilities.

  1. Hygiene

Hand sanitiser is stationed at the entrance to our studio, and we request that all visitors please use this upon entering.

We request that shoes be removed and left by the door if you are visiting the studio for a studio photography session.

Each photographer has their own set of equipment, and all our photography equipment is thoroughly cleaned before and after each session to minimise the spread of germs.

All fabrics used during your session are thoroughly washed after use, and any props used or handled will also be cleaned. All clothing worn on the day of your session will be freshly laundered.

We ask that clients do not touch our equipment during the course of the session, and also regrettably cannot assist you in taking photos with your phone or other devices.

All prints and other printed photo products that arrive in studio are packed following hygienic practices by our suppliers and are sanitised before your collection from the studio or delivered to your home.

  1. Masks

Where mandated by ACT government, masks will always be worn by your photographer during your consult or session. If your photography session takes place at a time where mask-wearing is currently required, we require that a mask be worn by all those present over the age of 12, except of course where masks cannot reasonably be worn in providing a service – i.e. when photos are being taken.

In the studio, masks will always be provided and can be found next to our hand sanitiser. You may request your photographer to wear a mask during your session should you wish.

Fabric masks are washed daily, and disposable masks are replaced daily.

  1. Check in CBR App

Where required by the ACT government, QR codes will be displayed at the entrance to the studio and in consult rooms for easy Check-In using the Check In CBR app.

  1. Record keeping

We keep records of all visitors to the studio, and should one of our team test positive to COVID-19 will immediately inform of any potential exposure. We ask all clients to inform us of a COVID-19 positive result if they have attended the studio or an outdoor session during their infectious period.

  1. Are you vaccinated?

All of our photographers and staff members have received both COVID-19 vaccinations and one booster shot as of 30th March 2022. 

  1. Booked in and feeling unwell?

If you are feeling unwell the day of your session, please stay home. Every effort will be made to accommodate you in these uncertain times, and if necessary your session will be rescheduled.

The same goes for us as photographers – should we be unwell in the lead-up to your session, we will notify you and go ahead with your session upon receiving a negative COVID-19 test result. We abide by the ACT Government directives governing close or casual contacts and will reschedule accordingly so we are able to meet these requirements.