4 Reasons Why You Should Take Yearly Family Photos

You know how it goes – it gets to Christmas time, you’re looking for family photos to send around, only to realise you’ve been so busy wrangling the family all year round that you haven’t got any nice photos of you all. Or maybe there’s a nice photo of the kids, but you’re not in it. Or your spouse isn’t in it – because one of you is always taking the photo!

Here’s the solution: have a professional take photos of your family photos once a year! Instead of the disappointment of another year passing without those beloved photos, you can feel assured that a professional is taking care of everything – shooting, editing, and even printing your photos to hang up, leaving you with memories you can cherish for the rest of your life.

Capture Your Family as You Change.

There are so many moments in your children’s lives – their first steps, first missing tooth, first day of highschool… By taking annual family photos, you have a keepsake of that time in everybody’s life. You can document all those changes and stages of childhood – from growth spurts to new additions. You’ll have beautiful images for you and your children to fondly look back on for years to come.

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Fill Your Home With Artwork.

If your family is a work of art, then what better thing to decorate your home or office with? Make a statement on your wall with something more than blown up selfies or happy snaps taken on your phone. You and your family deserve the best treatment, and to be captured by a professional to ensure you look your best.

Start a Tradition.

Even if you didn’t grow up having family photos taken, that doesn’t mean you can’t start now. Your children will be thankful you kept the tradition of yearly family photography, as it will give them something to hold dear and pass onto future generations. And when they grow and start families of their own, they can continue the tradition and give your grandchildren a vast time capsule of high quality, professional images to enjoy.

little grasshopper photography captures family photos in canberra

Remove the Stress of Taking Your Own Photos.

Why go to the hassle of wrangling the family for photos, when you could simply have a professional do the work for you? Professional photographers do this every day, and know all the best tricks to keep your kids happy and get those magical moments captured. Even better than that – they can take care of printing your photos, working with you to find the best way to display your family artwork in your home.


Next time you find yourself wishing you had some updated family photos of you and your family, consider reaching out to a professional photographer –  and make it a tradition your family can enjoy for years to come.


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