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Frequently asked questions

What are your opening hours and session availability?

Studio Opening Hours Are By Appointment

Studio Hours:

Consults, Ordering Sessions and Admin Monday – Friday:
10:00am – 4:30pm

Picking Up Your Printed Artwork: Monday-Friday 9.30am-5.30pm

Studio Photography Sessions:
Monday – Friday 10:00am-4:00pm

Outdoor Session Hours

Family sessions: Saturday, Sunday, and midweek sessions can be made available depending on the time of year in the last 2-3 hours before sunset; all year long

Extended Family sessions: Saturday & Sunday mornings in the first 2-3 hours after sunrise, all year long

Where are you located? What's your address?

We are located in West Belconnen, Canberra.

Address: 3/12 Chalmers Place Macgregor

There is free car parking available.


I only want digital files, is that an option?
Yes, it is!
For the Full Experience: 
  • 20 digital images are $1500
  • The entire gallery (over 70+ images*) $2400
  • Artwork & Digital Image Packages start from $2900.
For Mini Sessions:
  • 5 digital images are $490
  • 15 digital images are $990
What is a typical investment for portraits?
Most families work with us because they want someone to create heirloom artwork for their homes
In this case, if you spend over $2900 on heirloom artwork to display in your home, you’ll receive the entire gallery of digital images in high resolution as well. 
*70+ images provided with a family composed of three or more family members.
For Mini Sessions:
We offer a range of packages that are created to give you a balance of finished artwork and your favourite photos digitally.
Packages start from $490.
Our most popular package is $990, this includes 10 of your favourite photos in digital format and a beautiful wall piece ready for display in your home. (Upgrade option to get all the digital images for an additional $400 is available).
What is required to book a session?

All sessions require a non-refundable session fee to reserve your date. 

Mini session fees are $49
Full experience session fees are $150

How long will it take to see our photos?

We will book you in for your photo reveal at the conclusion of the photo session. This will depend on your availability and ours, but typically we have our clients return to the studio for their photo reveal approximately 2-4 weeks after the session date.

What should I wear to a photo session?

While it might feel easiest to go out and buy new outfits for everyone, there’s no need to – coordinating your outfits from the clothes you have in your wardrobe is perfectly acceptable. And they don’t have to be designer clothes! The goal with your clothes is to ensure that they complement and aren’t distracting. Wear clothes that flatter your body and that make you feel comfortable and that you know your kids will be okay in. Choose a colour palette of four to six complementing colours that are going to suit the location. At the bottom of this page is a free What to Wear Guide which includes a range of colour palettes, I highly recommend looking at it as a starting point.

What is the best time for an on location photo session?

Ideally, we want to start your photoshoot 1-2 hours before the sun sets. Why? Because that’s when the lighting is soft, flattering and golden. The sun is low in the sky, which means there are no harsh shadows on people’s faces and we can get that gorgeous warm glow that will make your photos look magical.

What is the best time for a maternity and newborn session?

For your comfort and mobility, we recommend your maternity shoot be taken at the 30-34 week mark.

For newborn sessions, you have a choice between a semi-posed or lifestyle look or a blend of both, I recommend the baby being between 1-3 weeks if your preference is more posed or up to 6 weeks of age if you’re looking for a more lifestyle look.

What if my children take time to warm up?

We are very good at working with children with all sorts of attention spans, temperaments and energy levels and will always work to get the best out of your children, whatever their mood. Our photo sessions are child-led with a focus on play, which works well for family members who are reluctant to have their photos taken. Sometimes it can take up to 5-15 minutes for children to appropriately warm up to someone they’ve just met, but we are very good at connecting with kids and helping them relax.

We’re also experienced with working with neurodivergent children. In fact, most of our team members are neurodivergent too!

How many images will I get to see?

A standard family portrait session (at least three family members – two parents and a child or one parent and two chilldren) produces approximately 70+ photos.

How long will the photo session take?

Your session time will depend on what session type you’ve booked.

Family Adventure Sessions are approximately 1 hour

In-Studio Newborn Sessions are approximately 1-2 hours

Extended Family Sessions are approximately 1-1.5 hours

Family Mini Sessions are 15 minutes

In Studio Baby Mini Sessions are approximately 15-45 minutes

What happens if we are sick or the weather is bad?

Check out our terms and conditions regarding rescheduling to be across all the details. We will accommodate you in the instance of sickness.
We know you’ve got everything crossed for good weather on the day of your session; however, while we can’t control the weather; we have become quite good at reading the weather forecast and will make our decisions based on that information. I have seen skies clear on rainy days and thunderstorms come out of nowhere; therefore, I will make a call on whether we need to reschedule your session 4 hours beforehand. We may end up changing the location to work around the weather.

What is the best location for a photo session?

We’ve been photographing families in Canberra for over 10 years and are constantly on the lookout for unique, special and beautiful locations that factor in good lighting and are tactile so that kids can explore and play easily. We have a range of locations that we will suggest after consultation with you based on what your personal aesthetic and vision is.

My mum wants a photo of us all looking and smiling at the camera, can you do this?

Absolutely, in every photo session, it is my goal to get photos of you looking and smiling at the camera as well as playful and interactive shots. However, if you’re more set on these traditional-looking photos, then it’s possible I may not be the right fit for you as my style of photography is to capture family connections through play-based prompts and have you interacting with each other and your environment.