Family session with ducks!

I met this family on an unseasonably warm April weekend. The girls looked at me warily as they stepped out of the car, but that all seemed to dissipate the moment I asked to see their ducks. Yes, ducks!  At Bek’s consult, we had discussed which pets she’d like to include in her session. The family has two dogs, including a Great Dane almost as big as me, a bearded dragon, five ducks and twelve chickens! We decided it would be incredibly awesome to have a family session with ducks and grab some unusual family portraits. 

Having the ducks with them seemed to really ease the two girls and soon we were having a boatload of fun. My sessions are child-led which means that if the kids have an idea, we go with it, no matter how crazy – I try to make it work. So these girls quickly caught on that I would let them choose whatever, and soon enough they were climbing in trees, jumping in the river, or across the river to a secret garden. 

I love families full of wild imagination and ready to try anything, these girls did not disappoint. Mum and Dad, no doubt used to their wild and free ways, happily came along for the ride too. 

Here’s what Bek had to say about her session:

Since we began homeschooling I’m always thankful for all the time I get to spend with my girls as they grow up. It happens so quickly that all additional time spent building our relationships is precious. It was important to me to have a family session because we don’t have many photos of our whole family together, and none within the last few years. Our family has been through some changes recently as life takes us in different directions to what we may have planned. It’s very special to have a ‘snapshot’ of life together as it is today. We will enjoy being able to look back as life keeps taking us forward.

My main concern before the session was that maybe the session might feel rushed and that we wouldn’t get much time for different style photos. This definitely didn’t end up being the case! The session was really relaxed, and took place at various different stops along a lovely walk through nature together.

The biggest surprise for me was how delightful the session was. My children, who were apprehensive on the way there, enjoyed every part of the process once we got started. We were hoping for beautiful photos, and the quality surpassed what we had imagined, but the unexpected bonus was the family bonding time.

Stephanie is lovely and so talented. If you book, the finished product will blow you away, and the added plus is how much fun your family will have together during the session.

If I could give one tip for families thinking of booking it would be to not leave the outfit choosing until the last minute! 


If you’re thinking of booking a family session with ducks (or chickens or parrots or any other feathery pet), get in touch! I would love to design your family session to include your feathery pets too! 

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Here are the photos from Bek’s session, enjoy!

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