Blended Family of Five Children

Heidi and Travis have a blended family of five children, including two fun-loving twin girls. Heidi describes the twins (11) as exact opposites. Her seven-year-old boy as a real firecracker, with a huge smile and cheeky face. He loves people!

Her little blue-eyed blonde five-year-old is a very happy, imaginative little girl, always picking flowers and finding insects to pick up. And lastly, the littlest in the family and having just turned two. Heidi says she is the apple of everyone’s eye! With the cutest smile and curls.

Heidi and Travis told me that her kids love being outdoors, running amock and being silly.

“I love having the camera or my phone ready all the time cause you never know what they will end up getting up to!”

Meeting Heidi and Travis and the kids for their session was full on. It was the first photo session after a six-month break on maternity leave. So I was incredibly excited and nervous and full of energy, ready to go. I had so many ideas, and my brain was whirring, trying to pick where to start. 

But the kids were so wonderful, were full of so much energy and loved running and playing.

My sessions are very play-based, and so we ran around, played some silly games to get natural giggles and smiles and had lots of family hugs. 

Here’s what Heidi had to say about her session! 

If I had to describe my family in three words it would be fun, crazy and loving. 

I love photos and we just don’t get enough of all of us together. Being a blended family it is sometimes hard to get pictures on occasions when everyone is there. My biggest concern was having all the kids muck up and not being able to get any good photos.  Although my youngest (2) was a little uncooperative, it sure didn’t show in the results.

My favourite part of the whole experience was seeing the photos at the reveal. Steph is fantastic to work with, friendly and fun. The kids responded well and the results were a lot of beautiful photos of everyone having a great time.

If you’re interested in having a play-based, child-led family session, get in touch now! I’d love to sit down with you for a consult to design your session. 

Enjoy the photos below. 

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