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Best time of year for family pictures

What is the best time of year for family pictures in Canberra?

Are you looking to have family pictures filled with your happy, smiling children?
Do you have kids under five?
Are you looking for a family portrait session with that warm, glowing light?

You might also be asking, “when is the best time of year for family pictures for my family?”

There are a few factors to consider before booking in a portrait session, and while it’s not the end of the world if you book an eight o’clock sunset session in the middle of summer with three children under five, you might find that your photographer won’t get the absolute best out of your children.

Sunset sessions in summer are gorgeous, the weather is warm, you can wear your prettiest frock, you could even consider having your portraits taken in a stony creek, splashing and having lots of fun with your family!

Canberra Family Splashing Water

Family Pictures splashing water in Canberra

However, if you have small children with early bedtimes, an 8 o’clock sunset session might not work best for their mood and routine. Kids are tired, hungry and most likely aren’t interested in cooperating with whatever mum or dad want them to do right now. 

What might work better for you is a session early in the morning (before 8am). Or in the afternoons of late Autumn, Winter or early Spring before daylight savings. Sunsets are typically between 5 and 6pm at this time of year. This means, you can have your session done and dusted all before dinner time AND you get those dream, light filled portraits with happy smiling children. WIN!

To book a portrait session that suits your family’s needs, send me a message using the contact form below! And we can discuss what suits you and your children best.


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