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Mum of Three at the River

I loved photographing Rebecca and her three gorgeous children at the river one late afternoon in early Autumn. After spending the first fifteen minutes of the session getting the essential shots, we then relaxed and played. I literally got in the river at one point to above my knees, careful not to slip and dunk my camera in the water… And captured some gorgeous portraits of these lovely children playing riverside. 


Here’s what Rebecca had to say about her session, and below is a video of all the images from their session. 


My biggest fear was that you wouldn’t capture the true essence of my children. Some photographers want what they deem to be the best photo but it might not capture that child. 

It didn’t come true at all. You took the time to talk to my children and get to know them. You captured their essences. 

It was important to me to update our photos at this time because as a mum I don’t get into the frame very often, so getting to share this with my children was amazing. Children grow so fast, so photos capture this moment in their lives. 

I loved watching my children enjoy themselves. They laughed so much and asked for us to go and have more photos with Steph next weekend. 

I would recommend Steph because she takes the time to ask questions and really listen to the answers. The children and I really enjoyed the session and the photos are magical. 

I plan on displaying my photos in a gorgeous album, I will be sharing some online and I am hoping I can organise some canvas as well. 

And if I could give any tips for other families looking to book in a session it would be to ask Steph, if in doubt ask questions. Listen to the information Steph gives you and most of all enjoy the experience.

Hi, I’m Steph

Family Portrait Photographer & Mum of two

My mission is simple, to give you a fun relaxing time with your family and send you away with beautiful memories to fill up your home.