Canberra Family Photography

Capturing your families milestones and all the beauty in between

Canberra Family Portrait Experience
Canberra Family Portrait Experience
Canberra Family Portrait Experience

“There are no fake smiles, Steph gives you little games to play, and you have fun connecting with your family.”
– Joanne

Playful family portraits to celebrate your love and connection


Our playful style of photography fits into your unique family dynamic. With genuine smiles only, don’t let stiff family portraits get in the way of capturing real moments of connection.

With a focus on play, we will guide you and your family through interactive direction that will make your session feel more like an adventure in the park than a photo session.

After your session, we’ll help you curate a series of beautiful artwork to display on your walls, celebrating this unique stage in your family’s story and giving your child’s sense of belonging a little boost!

What is a Playful Session?


A playful photo session should feel like you and your family are on an adventure together. We want to capture you authentically, so we’ll avoid contrived set-ups altogether. Instead, we’ll focus on capturing natural moments and emotions. We want you to have fun during the session, so we’ll prompt you with games and activities that will help bring out your personality. And above all, we want to create images that reflect your unique family dynamic. Whether you’re a group of curious explorers or mischievous pranksters, we’ll make sure your photos reflect your true spirit.

Canberra Family Portrait Experience
Canberra Family Portrait Experience

“There are no fake smiles, Steph gives you little games to play, and you have fun connecting with your family.”
– Joanne

Choose Your Experience

The Full Experience

Tailored to your unique family dynamic, a personalised experience from your outfit selection to designing how the final photos will be displayed.

Our goal is to help you build moments of genuine connection to display in your home, celebrating your family as they are and showing your children how much they are loved.

Perfect For

- Thoroughly documenting your family at whatever stage in life you're at

- Families that want to take their time, adventure together, have fun and capture real authentic moments full of love and connection 

- Capturing you and your extended family

- Curating a collection of stunning family images to display in your home and share with loved ones.



  Mini Sessions

Designed to be short and playful, these 15-45 minutes sessions are held on specific dates each month.

Perfect For

– Families who want to capture all the smaller moments along your family's journey without going through a full photography session process.

– Treasure quality images over quantity, and would love to select their top ten favourite photos from a gallery. 

– Have a smaller budget for photography but don’t want to sacrifice on quality or service.  

- Kids (or partners) with short attention spans!

Is this for me?

Mini sessions are designed to be short and relaxed. But if you think your family may need a little extra time to warm up, has additional needs or want to include pets and extended family members then consider booking the full session experience.

View Mini Sessions

Need help choosing your session?

That’s what we’re here for, get in touch if you have any questions and we can guide you in designing an experience that fits with your families unique dynamic!

Steph Canberra Family Portrait Photographer

Meet Your Photographers, Steph, Mallie & Hannah

We’ve been capturing the treasured moments of Canberra families for over 10 years now.

Our mission is simple, to give you a fun relaxing time with your family and send you away with beautiful memories to fill up your home.

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Canberra Family Portrait Experience
Canberra Family & Baby Portraits

“As a mum, I don’t get in the frame very often, so getting to share this with my children was amazing.” – Rebecca

fun family portrait mum and child
Fun family winter portrait
Fun family winter portrait