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Family of Four in the park

Apart from capturing Michaela’s family as they are right now, together and happy, Michaela also had a special request. Her beautiful daughter who is so full of energy, spunk and happiness had a tendency to have a spat when things didn’t quite go her way (really, what two-year-old doesn’t?) Michaela really wanted me to capture the full pout her daughter goes into which she herself has never been able to capture on camera. 

Of course I was down for the task and when we were getting ready to move away from feeding the ducks in the park to something else, I saw that Michaela’s daughter was not entirely happy with that idea… 

Take a look at the photos in the slideshow to see the pouty goodness that came out of this. 

It’s not everyday that I have a family who wants photographs of their children happy and tantrum-ing, but I sure do love it. 


Take a read of what Michaela had to say about her experience and check out the gorgeous photos form their session in the park. 


It was important to me to update our family photos at this time because I have many photos of my son, and not so many of my daughter. It was important for me to have some, so that she can see them, and know that we also value her. I love seeing the love that my children have for each other. Yes, they argue, but the bond is close and that came through for us so well in the photos!!!!!

When looking for a photographer, I was worried that I would not find someone that would listen to what I wanted. And that we would have ‘stiff’ photos. But having worked with Steph we all had a great time, and she was able to get the relaxed shots that we wanted.

I loved watching the joy on the kids’ faces as they interacted with Steph, so that we got some fantastic shots. Steph had a willingness to almost stand on her head to get a good shot!

I plan on displaying my photos in wall clusters, or combination frames… showing the family, the kids, and also the fun that we had.

If I could give any advice to other parents it would be to really make sure that you ‘click’ with the photographer. Doing so ensures that you will get some great shots, that also show your family’s personality!

Michaela Manasov



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