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Play based, child led sessions

What is a play based, child led photo session?

My philosophy when it comes to photographing is very simple, sessions need to be fun and relaxed. Because these photographs I take for you are memories… It’s important that you remember a fun, relaxing time with your children. This is why I take a play based, child led approach.  And why I gamify my sessions.
When was the last time you truly played? When was the last time you slowed down. Forgot about work. Forgot about the housework or the grocery list you needed to write. Or the twenty emails you need to reply to? Forgot about everything that bogs you down and just played?
 So, this is my philosophy, my sessions are play based and child led.
 When you have a session with me, I invite you to slow down and relax. To forget about everything that is bogging you down and be with your children and play. 

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What does a play based, child led session look like?

When you arrive, I will spend a bit of time connecting with your kids and allow them to warm up. I’ll quickly evaluate their temperaments and what is going to work best for this session. Some kids are ready and rockin’. They will grab my hand and pull me along to wherever we’re going… spouting off all their grand ideas for photos they’d like me to take.
Others need a bit of time to warm up. They would prefer we do something like throwing rocks in the river. Here, I will pull out a long lens and we get some great, connected candids until they’re feeling more comfortable.
Otherwise, we will play some fun games. I get them happy and laughing and excited. And having family photos will be about them playing and having fun. You will be interacting with each other a lot.
Don’t worry, I know you don’t know what to do. This is why I will give you fun, interactive games to play and guide you. This keeps the kids engaged. Some of them might be very silly. Some will make you connect with your partner on a deeper level.
And some of them will have you laughing in stitches. But overall, you will have fun.
Your photo session will be an hour of back to back games, running around, and being silly. But don’t worry, in the midst of it all, I will get some happy, smiling at the camera shots too.  

When the kids need a break, we take a break.
I don’t like to force anything that kids aren’t 100% behind. If we do then we lose their attention. Then it can be difficult to get them to re-engage. So I pay close attention to their temperaments. This is why child led is the best way to go.
I’m very good at reading people, especially kids. And if I sense any discomfit, I identify what it is that is making them uncomfortable and try to resolve it quickly. Before it becomes a bigger problem. This might be over-stimulation, the need for their own space, or even just a case of the hangrys.

This might not be for everyone

This style of photography is definitely not for everyone. If you are after someone who will meticulously pose and situate you… Watch for the smallest of details… then I’m not the right photographer for you.
However, if everything above sounded like your cup of tea then get in touch now by using the form below. I’d love to sit down with you for a consult and hear about your ideas for a session. If you’re ready to book then great…! My scheduling tool is at the bottom of this page and you can use it to find a time.