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Family Sessions Canberra

capturing what is real, what occurs organically, and the love and connection is what matters most to me

There are many different types of family photographers out there. Some are formal and posed with everyone looking at the camera and smiling. Some of them have you stand against a white wall. Some will be in your home. Some will be outside in a natural environment. 

Then there are photographers who like to do something a little different and keep things unstructured and flexible, who look for the moments that occur organically and capture the love and connection that happens naturally by giving some small direction to help you interact with one another. 

This is what I do. I will get you to interact as a family, be playful and affectionate, love on one another and spend an hour of your morning or afternoon focusing on how much you care about each other. I will capture the natural interactions, what is real, the in-between moments, and the connection. 

sunset family sessions

A session that occurs one hour before the sun goes down, right up until the light is gone. For families with young children, I recommend opting for late Autumn, Winter, to early Spring to avoid daylight savings times. 

These sessions are lots of fun and take place at a beautiful location chosen by Steph or by you. 

lifestyle in-home sessions

Taken place in your home we use your home as a background and shoot the real-ness of family life. I will capture your family, just as they are, jumping on the bed, playing with Lego, making a cake or pancakes, having a bubble bath in the kitchen sink… 

These sessions are planned ahead of time to ensure an amazing experience capturing your family in the “real”. 

For an example of a recent session, check out this blog post!


generational family sessions

Whether you are wanting to surprise someone in your family for a milestone birthday, or you have family members visiting from out of town (or the country!), having a family portrait session with the entire extended family involved is a great way to capture everyone together as well as get some lovely photos of children with their mums and dads. 

These sessions are planned ahead of time to ensure an amazing experience, they are held either in the morning or late afternoon and can take between an hour to two hours depending on how large your family is. 

For an example of a recent session, check out this blog post!

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